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Serenity Scotland Tours

Creative strategy, content and design


Serenity Scotland Tours is not your standard "pack 'em into a bus and haul-@ss from point to point" touring company. The ongoing challenge is twofold: communicate Serenity's unique, immersive, personal and experiential approach-while placing them top-of-mind in preparation for the post-COVID travel boom. 


Create (with ZERO budget) a marquee hero video that tells a genuine and heartfelt first-person story intended to resonate with travelers wanting an "off the beaten path," unique, and personal experience. Video and social graphics all point to the website where clients can learn more to plan their adventure. 


  • increased unique visitors to Serenity Scotland's website with an increase in requests for information.


  • Increased brand awareness via likes and shares across social media platforms.   


  • Enhanced brand awareness and support through Scotland's premier travel site,


The campaign is just launching, but early indicators show it's moving the needle in the right direction. 

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