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Global account based marketing

Creative strategy and global creative leadership


How do you dramatically increase the new business pipeline quickly via 1 to 1 ABM efforts (with limited resources and near impossible deadlines) while still addressing the customers unique needs? 


An end-to-end, scalable and repeatable design system, incorporating digital and traditional mediums (email, landing page, video and on-site/virtual meeting support) was created for fast and efficient design and development, while providing a framework for multiple contributors to leverage similar vertical or industry specific content quickly and efficiently. The cornerstone of the system is the Marketo-driven landing pages that provide robust, branded experiences, while minimizing development and production time. 


  • Reduced landing page production time from two weeks to two days, enabling a nearly 50% increase in targeted opportunities (more opportunities in the pipeline.)

  • Increased speed and efficiency of content creation, allowing for more time spent on strategic problem solving vs. "find, organize, edit" content for every engagement.


  • Optimized brand impact, creating a systematic and seamless experience across every customer touchpoint. 


Making the complex not so complex. 

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