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Blue Yonder global brand Launch

Creative strategy and global creative leadership


Meet a global launch schedule that would weaken even the strongest of knees, while creating a strategic plan for post-launch activation so day-to-day operations would be minimally affected. 


Pre-launch activity focused on creating a brand "toolkit" of communications that associates could access on day one via the brand asset site. Post-launch activity focused on individual, team, company, and external vendor training to ensure immediate and short-term understanding and adherence of the brand was followed. Longer-reach plans included new-hire training, monthly brand reviews with internal and external creative resources along with a yearly brand reviews to assess and reevaluate agency partners as needed.  


  • Inspired and trained global associates and Brand Ambassadors on new brand meaning, usage, and purpose, decreasing time-to-adoption across all business units.  

  • Aligned external partners and agencies to new brand, driving consistency across otherwise disparate teams. 


  • Optimized brand impact, creating a systematic and seamless experience across every customer touchpoint. 


Creating order before chaos reigned. 

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