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CPQ global rollout

Creative strategy and leadership


CPQ (Configure Price Quote) was the new pricing tool being introduced to global sales. As the team was fully entrenched with their old tool (and change averse,) we needed to ensure adoption by easing anxieties, while at the same time conveying the myriad of benefits the new tool would offer -accompanied by a clear path to adoption requirements. 


Create an engaging and humorous campaign inspired by the classic horror movie genre that would convey CPQ as the mouse casting the monster's shadow. By shining a light on the CPQ "monster," we would illustrate that fear and apprehension would be unfounded, and conquering CPQ would lead to a sense of pride and achievement. 


  • Delivered a 100% adoption rate across all global sales teams.  

  • Created clear and concise learning objectives via email communications and resources delivered via dedicated landing page. Quote "The resources on the site were invaluable, and I could totally relate to the Fright Night thing." 


  • Accelerated overall implementation timeline by holistically creating targeted communications with clear action items across pre, adoption, and post adoption phases.


Creating clarity - one landing page, email, poster, t-shirt and giveaway at a time.  

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