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Luminate Control Tower POC campaign

Creative strategy and leadership


Luminate Control Tower, JDA's brand-new signature offering, was a fantastic product...that nobody knew about. Our job was to get the message to key decision makers, ensure it was looked at, and ultimately close deals.  


Nothing grabs attention like the King. The keystone of the effort was a direct mail piece featuring a limited-edition Elvis bobblehead. The offer and key product benefits were delivered via an "Enquirer" type gossip rag - building an engaging story that directly spoke to the products main benefit. All communications drove to a dedicated landing page for offer details,  additional product features/benefits and related resources.     


  • Delivered two new customers to date (and counting) totaling over 2 million in revenue. The campaign also won a few design awards, and while that's cool, closed-deals and big numbers that directly affect the bottom line were the results needed. 

Driving results - one landing page, email, and bobblehead at a time.  

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