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Brand Central Station

Creative strategy and global creative leadership


Blue Yonder's global sales teams needed creative support to assist in all manner of sales efforts, from simple logo requests to multi-million dollar deals...and needed it FAST. The creative team, given its finite resources, struggled to deliver the myriad of requests received on a daily basis. The "ask-receive" model simply wasn't moving fast enough, forcing the sales teams to create their own materials - often resulting in off-brand and misguided communications.


Create a self-help digital hub where sales associates (and the company at large) could quickly find, download and use a trove of branded materials, from ppt presentations to email templates, collateral, social graphics and more. Instructional guides and video tutorials were also created to bridge the knowledge gap where needed. 


  • Reduced creative team requests by roughly 26%, allowing creative resources to be deployed against larger/longer-term campaign initiatives.


  • Increased speed-to-delivery of support materials, enabling a more nimble global sales force.  


  • Improved brand continuity and consistency across teams in NA, EMEA, India, LATAM, and APAC. 


Current iterations of the site are being linked to SalesForce to create a powerful and globally accessible sales and brand-activation tool. 


Creating clarity from chaos.   

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