Design is not a thing you do, it's a way of life.
Alan Fletcher




My name is Ross West, and I was recently called a plumber.


I've used a pipe wrench exactly once in my life, and that was to whack an alarmingly large scorpion - and its even larger associate (technically that's twice.) My point is, I know nothing about plumbing. 

I do, however, know how to build and fix things (creatively speaking.) Or if they’re not broken, how to simplify them to work more efficiently. As a creative leader and life-long designer, I strive to create clarity from chaos.


My life's goal is simple: to help myself, individuals, teams, and companies be better and achieve more through simple, thoughtful, sophisticated, and effective end-to-end designed experiences - while having fun doing it. 


Strategy. Creativity. Results.

Helping Scotland, one dram at a time

Global travel company marketing

Fast-tracking global sales enablement

Digital transformation:

Brand Central Station

1 to 1 marketing, at the speed of immediately

Digital transformation: global ABM

When the plumbing works, the faucet shines

Digital transformation:

global creative operations

A realigned focus on people & potential

Blue Yonder global brand launch

Helping big change be less frightening 

CPQ sales tool global rollout

A fun approach to a very serious subject

Cyber Security global initiative

The King lends a helping-hand

Luminate Control Tower POC campaign

From Bret Michaels to Bad Ass Coffee...

A creative mashup



Ross West


Tel: 206 465 9766 


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